Kayaking Watersports

Kayaking is a water sport played using a small narrow watercraft propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle commonly called a kayak. Mostly kayaking is performed in giant waterfalls by the adventure seekers who love to have a thrilling experience. In those ancient days, kayaks were commonly called “hunter’s boat” as mainly used for fishing and hunting. Kayaks can be classified based on their design and materials used to construct it. Each and every design has some specific advantages that hold performances, maneuverability, stability, and paddling style.
Kayaks are of different types namely cockpit style, spray skirt, inflatable, tandems, etc. Each and every type is designed and categorised based on the structure and materials that are used to construct it. With the help of kayaks, one can do diving, fishing, and ecotourism. Kayaks are designed with some principles like stability vs speed, primary vs secondary stability, tracking vs maneuverability, etc. With these principles, kayaks are constructed with the physical dimensions, materials, and lot more. Kayaks are used for racing in water bodies like whitewater, flat-water sprint, slalom, surf ski. It can also be used for military purposes with the hard material that withstands all military forces of the opponent team members.

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